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Billings' Neighborhood Garden

A place for gardeners, artists, coffee lovers,
and plant enthusiasts.

Check out some of our current favorite products here!


Scavenger Hunt

Our Scavenger Hunt is a great activity for kids, couples on a date, and people of all ages! 

Depending on the season, we have gnomes, fairies, and birds hiding around the store waiting to be found. The scavenger hunt takes around 20-30 minutes, with new hiding spots every week.

And we are happy to give a hint if they are being tricky.


The Greenhouse, Courtyard, and "Barn"

 Our main plant shopping areas are our Barn, Greenhouse, and Courtyard. These areas carry different varieties of plants, including shrubs, trees, houseplants, and annuals, depending on the season. 


The plants in these areas are not only all for sale but are also the perfect place for our gnomes, fairies, and birds to hide...feel free to bring in your kiddos for a 20-30 minute scavenger hunt!


The Gallery

Our gallery showcases the work of local artists, vendors, and jewelry makers in our area. Their pieces are one-of-a-kinds and range in style and medium. We rotate artists every three months and with the seasons.

For interested artists, please contact us for more information. 

Hard Goods

Our hard goods are stored throughout the center, though our main room is located in the room between our greenhouse and wood stove. We carry pots, tools, fertilizers, and many other garden needs.


Renting Space and Photo Sessions

For those hosting small to medium sized events or looking to rent out the space for photos. Pricing is dependent on how long you'll be renting out the space.


For photographers looking to have a session, we ask that you please contact us.


Terrarium Bar

Our Terrarium Bar is a fun activity to do with all ages. Pick out a plant and a terrarium pot. Then fill it with the fun seasonal decor we provide.


Fresh Flowers

We have fresh flowers available year around! Stop by and pick out a market bunch or build your own! We love to help. We also have flower delivery available through DoorDash.


Current Hours

May Hours

Monday - Saturday  8am - 6pm

Sunday  9am - 5pm

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